data transfer

Choose your own means of data transfer

Whatever suits your workflow best, we offer multiple solutions for data logistics.

Our user-friendly online application for easy up- and downloading.

Customize your data logistics to and from Bright River using our API

The easiest and fastest way to get your images to and from Bright River

Not only your login credentials are encrypted but also the data you send.

Secure web access, without the need for a FTP of your own

Auto Fetch and Push (AFP)

The easiest and fastest way to transfer image to and from Bright River

Here’s how it works:

  • You designate a folder (on an FTP server) containing the images to be edited;
  • Bright River automatically fetches (new) images from this folder (Fetch);
  • Bright River edits them according to the corresponding specifications;
  • And delivers the edited images back into a designated folder (Push).

Once it is set up, this entire process is fully automatic. You can set up multiple ‘Auto Fetch & Push Folders’. These can be part of a (existing or new) folder structure.

Recursive Scanning
You can place images in a folder structure of your choice within the fetch folder. Through Recursive Scanning the system recognizes this structure, copies the folders and then places the folders with the edited images back in an identical push folder.


Developer API

The Bright River REST API offers developers a way to integrate Bright River into their own software package. The REST API is currently being used in a diverse group of programs, ranging from simple cron order scripts to complex image managing software. The REST API offers the same functionality as Stream: you can set instructions per order, images can be rejected and the order status can be monitored, amongst other things.

We have various examples available in Java and C#.NET: simple proof of concept examples, as well as a multi-threaded application with GUI, embedded database, and custom FTP client.

Click here to read the API documentation

Discover STREAM

Our powerful post-production platform STREAM offers you everything you need to streamline your workflow.