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A new angle on e-commerce success

Offering your customers a truly interactive shopping experience is vital for e-commerce success. The ability to rotate the product and zoom in on it to get a “feel” for the textures, details, and quality, will increase customer engagement significantly.

Try it for yourself and take the watch for a spin. Use your cursor to rotate the watch in any direction you want and scroll to zoom in for a detailed look.

A new angle on e-commerce success

“11 times more likely to purchase”

Since the implementation of an augmented reality tool to help customers visualize furniture and decor in their home,
technology-home-design company Houzz’s customers are 11 times more likely to make purchases on the website.
(source: CNBC)

Photorealistic 3D

When it comes to creating lifestyle or marketing images, CGI trumps photography. Instead of setting up elaborate and costly photo shoots on location for each product and market, why not use 3D renders to create every image you can possibly imagine for a fraction of the costs? Fully adaptable, easier to update, on time and without the logistical hassle of traditional photo shoots.

Now you can digitize your entire collection and make changes to the product imagery when needed or requested by resellers. Or create the perfect shot for your marketing campaigns. The same renders can be used to create 360° image views to drive customer engagement.


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Interactive 3D

According to “The Future Shopper” report by Wunderman Commerce, 72% of consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that are digitally innovative. The easiest way to provide an innovative shopping experience is to take advantage of the endless possibilities of Interactive 3D. Whether it is Augmented, Virtual or Mixed Reality applications or fully customized visual configurators, Bright River can provide you with all the assets necessary to wow your customers.


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91% of online shoppers want the ability to turn products around in full 360° rotation and zoom in from any angle.

Adobe – What Shoppers Want survey

67% of consumers say the quality of the product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product.

42% of online shoppers say they are more likely to purchase from a website that has 360° product photography.

Adobe Mobile Consumer survey

More customers value the quality of a product’s image than they value product-specific information (63%), long descriptions (54%), or ratings and reviews (53%).

Multi-angle imagery and 360 views can increase customers’ trust as they can examine the details of a product. In a test of product pages with detailed information about individual products, Nielsen found out that visitors like alternate views of products.

Gold Eagle Company, an early adopter, rolled out 360 spin images on Amazon to allow consumers the opportunity to “touch and feel” their products virtually. Within the first couple of weeks of adding 360 spin images to their product pages, the company saw a 6-8% lift in conversion rates. An unexpected benefit was a reduction in product returns since adding 360 spin images.


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