Strict data security policy in place

Strict data security policy in place

With the amount of data that gets transferred to and from our servers, we have taken all possible precautions to make sure your data stays secure.

Application & Data Storage
All data is stored on secure servers and the Production environment protected via Firewall Clusters. We perform weekly and monthly security checks.

Data transfer
Both external and internal data transfers are done through (S)FTP or HTTPS. We use two separate data center internet providers for redundancy.

Server maintenance is conducted at regular intervals before EU and USA working hours and the system is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week.

Physical security
All servers have RAID6 disks and secure data back-ups in another data center.cBoth locations are closed and compartmented facilities, with restricted access to company employees only

Client accounts are encrypted using MD-5 Encryption. Critical applications are protected by IP restrictions or VPN

HR security
User access to corporate IT systems, networks, applications and information is controlled in accordance with access requirements specified by the relevant Information Asset Owners.