About us

Who is Bright River?

Bright River offers complex image editing, video editing, and 3D modeling services. Our editing studios are fully integrated within the workflows of our clients. We provide the same flexibility, reliability and control our clients would expect from their own studios.

At Bright River, we continuously innovate, investing heavily in research and development to increase the competitive advantage our clients have when presenting products online. Our R&D efforts are aimed towards further editing workflow automation in STREAM -our editing platform-, the application of 3D models in Augmented Reality apps, and image conversion data analysis.

We have a very strict CSR policy, as we wholeheartedly believe that we can make a great impact on the lives of our more than 800 editing professionals at our production locations. 

Images are the most important content when presenting products online, we can help you to gain a decisive edge.

Who is Bright River for?

Since day one Bright River has been servicing the biggest businesses in this world, from Fortune 500 companies to most of the multinational corporations. We have always focused on providing tailor-made processes and solutions to fit any business needs and organizations.

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How long has Bright River been in business?

Bright River was founded in 2007 under the name MisterClipping.com. In January 2018 the name was changed to Bright River.

Where are you located?

Bright River has become a global player in the image editing and enhancing business with clients and offices in Europe, North America and Asia. We are very proud to offer local support in your own language and timezone.

The Headquarters of Bright River is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands:

The address of our Headquarters in Haarlem (NL) is:
Kennemerplein 6-14
2011 MJ Haarlem

The address of our New York office is:
85 Broad Street,
16th Floor, New York
NY 10004 United States

What is the trade name of Bright River?

Bright River is a Private Company. The trade name of Bright River has been change since 2019 from MisterClipping.com to Bright River ltd.

The Chamber of Commerce number of Bright River: 57217602.


Does Bright River offer a free trial?

We do not believe in the efficiency of a Free Trial, we believe in showing you that we can do it all for you and your company, not just one picture.

How much does it cost?

Bright River is taking pride in being one of the most cost-effective integrated solutions in the market. We strive for efficiency and personal excellence via custom and tailor made solutions.

How do I pay?

Nothing should be as easy as paying, Bright River offers several means of payment from online payment to personal invoicing.

Do we need to pay for corrections?

No. Bright River has always been aiming for 100% satisfaction and has always been relentlessly working on improving its quality and control to minimize redos. Any corrections are always free of charge and returned within the same day*.

*terms and conditions apply

Do I have to pay if you are late?

No. In a fast growing world, moving faster by day we take pride in over-delivering on a daily basis to help our customers maintain their competitive edge.


Does Bright River offer me a dedicated server

Yes. Because twice is better than none, Bright River is allocating a space for your orders on our servers but can also dedicate a complete storage space that you can use as you wish called the Vault.

Please contact us to request your Vault storage solution.

Can I Integrate Bright River in my Workflow?

Yes, you can fully integrate your workflow with our REST API’s. All features offered in our online application Stream can be used via our REST API’s as well. The features of our REST API’s include: creating orders, upload original files, order overview, order status updates, review edited files and download edited files. You can access the API documentation here: https://api.bright-river.com/docs. Please note that you need to request an API key before you can use the REST API’s. We have a test system available.

Does Bright River edit videos?

Yes. As videos are already playing a big role in online sales nowadays, Bright River has identified this trend early and is already specialized in different types of video editing.

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Can Bright River do 3D modelling?

Yes. Because every story has multiple sides, we believe that products do too.

To allow you to offer the best and unforgettable experience to your customers, we have developed and are happy to offer you 3D modeling services.

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Can Bright River also edit model images?

Yes. Bright River has been developing expertise in model retouching for many years now,  working hand in hand with the biggest fashion companies in the world. Strengthened by these long-lasting business relationships Bright River has reached a level of excellence, recognized by the fashion industry.

What kind of edits can Bright River do?

Bright River specializes in all sorts of image editing & enhancing services, from a simple cut out or shadow and a quick clean up to applying a specific set of instructions or a predefined briefing. We can do it all.

As the world of imagery is moving fast, we do too and also offer video editing and 3D modeling.

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Can I talk to someone?

Yes. We believe that the better you know the most efficient you become.

Bright River provides you with your own dedicated team of professionals. You will be appointed your own Account Manager and Technical Support.

You do not have your own team yet?

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What kind of support does Bright River offer?

To say it best, say it with your own words. This is why Bright River is very proud to offer you dedicated sales and technical support in your own language. With offices all over the globe, we are available during your office hours.

Get in touch with your local sales and Client Success teams to find out more.

How can I send Bright River my images?

Forget the hard drives, external links, and other emails.

Bright River has invested a lot of time and efforts in designing the most efficient and user-friendly online application for you. Easy to use and to integrate into your workflow, the Stream application is the perfect extension to your current workflow. More than an add-on, we like to see it as a ‘plug and play’ solution as it is simple and accessible from anywhere.

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Can Bright River pick up my images?

Yes. Our Stream online application has been designed to be integrated to your workflow. Our AFD solution (Auto Fetch & Drop) has been specially built to download and upload back your images to and from your internal servers.

Just let us know where and we’ll do the rest.

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What image file types can I submit?

Just like every pot has its own lid, every purpose has its file format. You can send us any file format as follows: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif, tiff, eps, psd, nef, dng, cr2, crw, nr or ai.

Did you know that Bright River offers an integration to your studio? We can retrieve the files straight out of your studio’s cameras.

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What images file types can I get back?

Because images speak louder than words, we are happy to deliver all the image files formats that the industry is requiring. You can get a gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif, tiff, eps, psd, nef, dng, cr2, crw, nr or ai back.

Do you need more file formats? Receive as many formats / sizes that are needed for you to display your products and add value to your activity.

Can I send Bright River our brief?

Yes. Bright River has a dedicated team that specifies in the Intake and Onboarding of our clients. They will make sure that your brief is being followed but will also look for the most time and cost efficient solutions to streamline the image editing process and to deliver the images according to your standards.

How fast can Bright River start?

How fast can you be ready? Bright River has created, developed and improved its own Intake and Onboarding process through years of experience to make the start as easy and quick as possible.

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Privacy and security

Is my data secure?

Yes, absolutely. Bright River has always made a priority to protect its customers’ information, data, and images. Our complete system and activity has been built around a strong and adjustable architecture that has been trusted by companies globally.

Can Bright River store my images?

Yes absolutely. Bright River offers a dedicated storage solution called Vault. You will be allocated your own space for the transit and storage of your image, choose the architecture, link it with your own server and use it as you wish.

Does Bright River protect respects my intellectual property?

Yes, Bright River respect your IP rights. All pre-existing Intellectual Property of each party will remain the exclusive property of that party and Bright River will not acquire any rights or interests in your pre-existing intellectual property.

Can I speak to Bright Rivers’ Legal Department?

We work with dedicated teams to assist you on any matter. Your person of contact can always refer you to our Legal Department.

Does Bright River has a CSR Policy?

Absolutely, Bright River has always made CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a priority and always took pride in being a great place to work, where human and local values are respected in an environmentally friendly wayOur CSR policy is in line with the ETI Base Code and various applicable laws. The ETI Base Code is founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and is an internationally recognized code of labor practice. 

Check our CSR.